Victor Valentine

The Conversion Centered Writer of Copy


Writing is a form of direct, subconscious, and subliminal connection through the use of language. Allow me to envision your perspective as I craft the perfect linguistic commentary for your brand, product, company, start-up, or software as a service.

Compound your compensation with conversion-centered web copy.

Grant me your vision and I’ll write it into existence.

Skill Set

Long Form Content
Social media copy
Ghost writing
Email Copy


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What It Means To ‘Be’

Coming to terms with the fact that fixating on others detracts from the ability to know yourself.

This is my realization of a LOT of time wasted.

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Authentic Writing

Authentic Writing I hope your Moon’s Day has treated you well. I was being a lazy shit yesterday and just…

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Working ‘Weakens’

Getting ahead means sacrifice, and in today’s work, that means working even when weakened on weekends. How bad do you want it?

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Castle Agony: Hi-Fun, Lo-Fi Action

A dark, mysterious castle looms in the distance as you approach by carriage down a long road.

Upon arrival, you learn of the many hidden dangers that are sure to meet you on the treacherous journey ahead.

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A Robot Named Fight Review: Metroid Meets Manhunt

The player is welcomed to a polluted world, where mechanical gods have ascended, leaving the “lower order beings” to fend for themselves on a desolate wasteland.

Their mission is to make the best of what they have and cultivate the world abandoned.

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Freaky Awesome Review: Mutate or DIE

Freaky Awesome, is a hectic action rogue-lite game, each play through offering a new experience with many variables affecting your approach.

The layout of the factory, the enemies, and the mutations available will change with each run.

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Boss 101 Review: Like a BOSS

Boss 101 is an action adventure game, developed by Donley Time Foundation, with you taking the role of Max: a teenager with a jetpack & robot.

Your objective is to help your brother and save the world at the same time: buy weapons, hats, and upgrades while you battle bosses, explore different worlds, and experiment with modes.

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